How a Dirty Old Man Used This Magic Magnet to Make 11 School Girls Fuck Him

...and how you can use it to make any girl want to fuck you

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A private group of older men have been taking part in the clinical trial of a weird magnet that makes any woman want to fuck with just a flip of the switch.

The aim of the trial was to determine the power of this magnet on middle-aged women. However, we soon found that these dirty old men were using our magnet to fuck much, much younger women.

It was so wickedly effective, that we had to stop testing it after one of our test-subjects; a 43 year old University professor used it to fuck 11 of his female students.

The students were all 18-22 years old, but that did not stop the University and the parents from trying to sue us. Their law suit was unsuccessful but we still had to stop our trial as a result.

The good news is that we are opening up a new trial online and we are seeking men that are willing to see if they can use our magnet to make a woman want to fuck.

To qualify, you need to be a straight male, over the age of 18. You don't need to rich, young, buff or even handsome, in fact, the more average the better.

Furthermore, as a result of previous legal action, our lawyers advise us that to quality for the next trial, you must agree to the following guidelines:

1) You must NOT use it on women under the age of 18.
2) You must NOT use it on women under your supervision (i.e. teachers cannot use it on their students).
3) You must NOT tell women about the magnet.

We have created a special video for you, that explains the entire process and how you can be part of our next test group.

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After you click the Watch the Video button, my friend Ben will explain the magic magnet. It's bens magic magnet, that he calls his magic pussy magnet.

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